Not too happy with my blue diamond and Aquatron right now...


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May 26, 2007
Hi All,

I've been a huge fan of the Blue Diamond have have sung its praises for years. Sadly, I have to say I am not too pleased right now.

About a month ago my Blue Diamond quit. It didn't turn on at all. No big deal, its still under warranty so I send it back. I finally get it back and drop it in the pool and the actual pump itself works but the unit doesn't roam the pool. It just sits there. I call Watertech and they pick it up again and send it back. The invoice says nothing was wrong and works fine. This was strange because I KNOW it wasn't working when I sent it back.

I drop it back in the pool today and guess what? IT DOES THE SAME THING!!!!!! I'm p!ssed right now. I can only use my pool 3-4 months out of the year and this cleaner has been tied up for a month of that time. I paid $1400 to not have to manually vacuum my pool and what am I doing? Manually vacuuming my pool! I'm tired of boxing this thing up and want to call and tell them just to send me a new one. This is BS.

Any advice?

Apr 22, 2009
There is another thread on troubleshooting a BD, a few of us have had similar experiences. As for advise, keep on them to get it fixed right. Mine only worked twice correctly in over a year but I am finally getting a new motor. Hopefully that fixes the problem. I did have a similar experience where the warranty shop could not duplicate my problem. These things happen although we wish they did not.
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