Non-slippery pool deck ideas


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May 17, 2020
Hi all. I live in South Florida and am in the process of building a pool. I have 2 young (8 and 4) active boys and am looking for pool decking that isn’t slippery. Most pool salesman have said that tumbled travertine is not slippery and that it can also be sealed with grit. I’d like to know your experiences and possibly other ideas ( brushed or sandblasted marble). I’m an interested in they grey/ whites tones which is also hard to find in travertine. Appreciate your help!


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Jul 16, 2012
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Here are some thoughts...

Travertine is extremely popular and seems to be the coolest stone available. Folks can provide specific guidance on the travertine finish options and benefits. Travertine Mart is a very common place to purchase it and they have good information. Obviously with a bent.

Buyer's Guide -

Travertine Porosity

Otherwise, it would be a Kool Deck type of concrete overlay which provides excellent traction. I found this video of Kool Deck installation from the 1960's fascinating.

Kool Deck - The genuine cool surface for your concrete.