Newbies need help and switching to BBB

May 28, 2012
We just had our pool installed this past Wednesday and it finished filling Thursday. At this time, I only have test strips but I am ordering a test kit today. Our test strips said we had high PH, high TA, no CYA and no measurable chlorine (after 3 pounds of Turbo shock). We took a sample to the local pool store and their measurements said we had LOW PH, LOW TA, low chlorine and low CYA. They advised us to add PH up and Alkalinity up and to add two pounds of the shock product. (Do I want to trust the pool store or were they likely trying to sell us product??)

After adding what the pool store advised, according to our test strips we now have PH of 8.2, TA of 180, Chlorine of 10, CYA of 100. Pool water is 84 degrees and it is in the low 90's today. What are your recommendations?

The pool kit came with supposedly a season's worth of Pool Life Turbo Shock, multi-purpose cleaning tablets and Pool Plus. The pool store sold us PH+, Alkalinity + and a clarifier product (GLB brand). We already don't like the Turbo Shock because even though we dissolve it in water before adding to the pool, it leaves residue on the bottom of the pool. We would like to just switch to BBB. Is there anything I need to know to switch to BBB??

Thanks for your help!

Edited to correct the pool store's results...


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Welcome to TFP!

The store said your PH and TA were high and they sold you PH Up???? That doesn't make any sense even by the extremely low standards Pool Stores seem to have.

You need to lower your PH down to around 7.2. Test strips aren't great, but they should be good enough at PH in particular that this is worth doing right away.

The CYA test results have been both too low and too high, so best to wait until your get a good test kit to figure out what CYA really is.

The key to BBB is testing your water and knowing what your levels are. I suggest doing some reading at Pool School. There is all kinds of good information there.