Newbie question about pool covers


Jun 19, 2010
Just installed AGP a couple of weeks ago. The deck should be completed this week. I need some advice on pool covers for when I close the pool. My deck will be completely around the pool. I was wondering how I was going to hold the cover down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Aug 21, 2008
Our pool is like that. There' s a small gap between the deck and the pool, and that's where the tie-downs go. Yes, we (ok - the kids) have to climb under the deck to fasten the cover down.


Active member
Apr 3, 2010
For years I would use screws with large washers to hold the cover down, but this year I tried using water bags and it worked great! I got them at my pool store for a few bucks a piece. The are 6 or 8 feet long with 2 tubes that fill with water which were about 4" in diameter. I bought enough so they would slightly overlap.
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