Newbie!! (As a result of COVID, I'm now the pool caretaker for the rest of the season.)


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Jun 25, 2020
Hi! Glad I found this space because I think I need some help. Now that I'll be working from home instead of the office, we decided to take the pool care into our own hands instead of it being serviced weekly. We just came off of a high CYA situation where we did a partial drain and dilute to bring it back down. Went from 100 to 51 - yay! Now, a week later we're back up to 64 - boo! Other than that, life is great!



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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Hi there! Welcome to TFP :)
Are you aware of how different OUR methods are from most pool stores (I assume thats where you got those techy looking yet questionable results?)

We base our method on pool owner's testing themselves with such a good drop based kit that we know the results you tell us are accurate. Either the TF-100 kit (~$70) or the more costly K-2006C test kit are the ones we recommend. or amazon. Rarely can you find these local so almost always get ordered online. Both use identical Taylor reagents. The Tf-100 is my fav, and a better buy.

Then you learn we only add to our pools that which is needed, not a chem cause its a weekly deal or addition. Everything is based on your own latest test results.

Some quick Reads-->
ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
FC/CYA Chart

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