New water, ok to wait 7 days before adding DE to filter?


Jul 28, 2017
Tucson Arizona
I just drained the pool (CYA was off the charts) and took the DE filters out and cleaned them, sprayed them off with city water. Filled pool and put DE filters back in the canister.
The plan was to install a new Pentair Intelliflo VSF pump in a couple of days, looks like it might be a week before the new pump is installed. I would like to wait for the new pump to be installed before I add the DE to the filter. Is 7 days to long to wait?


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
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As you will not be circulating water through the filter, it is not an issue. I assume your old pump is not being used. Do not circulate through your filter without DE in it.

You will want to maintain your FC level as based on the [FC/CYA][/FC/CYA]. You can use a brush to move the water around each day.

Take care.