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Heather MacLennan

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Sep 30, 2019
Cumming, Iowa
Heather MacLennan here, I’m in Cumming Iowa (SouthCentral) and I just put in a doughboy vinyl lined pool fully in the ground. 16’x32’ with a 7’ deep end. I started out with Baquacil and I dont like it. It’s only been 3 weeks, can I convert now, shock the dickins out of it and move to chlorine without having to change the sand? (Oxidizer levels are already low due to abundance of rain lately)

I come from a previous pool that was inground and concrete with a Salt Generator. Doughboy voids the warranty with salt, but I’d like to be back on chlorine if possible.
Also, set to close in 2 weeks, worth it to convert now, or wait til Spring when more fresh water is added?

Appreciate the crowd-expertise!
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