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Jun 6, 2015
I'm brand new to to TFP method. Have stopped using Pristine Blue and reviewed Pool School over and over. Recently added a Culator and Metal Free to remove any Pristine Blue and pool is now crystal clear (save a little floor staining) that is fading (via the chlorine -I'm assuming).

Levels are:
PH 7.6
FC 2.0
TA 90
CYA 30
CH 20

NOTE: The above test results are the levels before I used Pool Math and added: 8 oz of dry acid, 24 oz of dry stabilizer and 24 oz. of liquid bleach.

Do you all think I'm off to a good start? I've been hesitant to add the full CYA Pool Math amount recommended as I keep reading that you can't remove CYA without emptying. But I keep adding - so perhaps I should have followed Pool Math's first recommendation. Observation - the dry conditioner or stabilizer is much less expensive than the Natural Chemistry liquid ($33 a gallon) but I'm having a hard time getting the dry CYA to dissolve. I left it in a bucket, stirred it and poured it in and still see a lot of granuels on the floor which I tried to sweep.

Someone mentioned using a "sock". What kind of sock and where?

Do the majority of TFP members use dry stabilizer or liquid?

Last question - I am using strictly liquid chlorine bleach 12.5% but if I were to go away for a week, I could or should use the pucks to deliver steady chlorine and I'd be ok with my CYA if I only did this for a week? Note: I've never used pucks.


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May 3, 2014
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In the article is a description on adding CYA using the sock method. A thin knee sock or knee high nylon works great. The granules should get mushy in a couple hours and squeezing the sock will release the CYA quickly.

To leave for a week, no one can add some chlorine? If not, you can raise your FC to SLAM level and add 3 pucks to a floater. You will need your pump to run a few hours at least each day. Those pucks will add about 10 ppm CYA if they fully dissolve.
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Jun 6, 2015
Thank you! I've done so much reading... perhaps that is the link I saw the sock info. Either way, you providing the link to the Further Reading on CYA is exactly what I needed. I had some other questions on ideal CYA and this answered it. Given that I have a lot of direct sunlight - I may run with a higher CYA (50 vs 30) since I'm using liquid chlorine exclusively. When it says to place the sock full of CYA in front of your return - I'm assuming you hold the sock in your hand in front of the return.

By the way (and this is no joke) - I asked about CYA and the local pool store pointed to the Natural Chemistry $33.00 and there was another bottle called "Clarifier" right next to the NC Conditioner and it was $5.99 for a gallon. I asked if Clarifier was the same as the Conditioner and the pool staff said yes definitely. It's just our store brand - that's why it's cheaper. They're both CYA.

I didn't know there was a difference. After Pool School, I'm now SMH.


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Jun 29, 2016
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So, when I first started, I bought liquid CYA. I knew it was more expensive but I didn’t want to be bothered with trying to dissolve via sock. Worked fine, didn’t need to add more for quite a while. The next time I needed it, I opened the bottle to find a solid chunk of CYA, with liquid floating on top! 😂

I mashed it up and stirred it as best I could, and ended up putting the chunks into - yep, a sock. So save your money and buy dry!

Now when I need to add, I pour into sock, hang sock in skimmer for a couple of hours, then hop in pool and squish it around until dissolved.