New to TFP - Introductions

Small pool family

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Jul 15, 2020
Prince Frederick,MD
Hi, I am new to TFP and was asked to introduce myself. I am the mom of 2 young boys who love to swim. Up until this summer, they were content to spalsh around in a small blow up pool on our deck. They are getting older and bigger (emphasis on bigger) so we graduated them to a 13' x 3' deep quick set pool. I am new to pool maintenance and after reading a lot and watching some DIY video's on YouTube, I found your sight. Our pool is only 1924 gal so the idea of spending $$$ on chemicals didn't appeal to me. I am using BBB+ (as I found out BBB are not the only chemicals needed). The biggest question I've had is "how much" to add. I found your pool calculator and have started using it this week. I have a question though. I'm not sure what numbers to put in the 2 boxes for each test? When I put in the number I'm getting from my test strip (yes, I know, I need a real test kit). No values come up. I've also tried putting in a range, which gives me values for how much but I'm not sure what numbers to enter as the test strips don't have a range and sometimes, the colors aren't easy to read. I would appreciate some directions for how to use the calculator. I refilled my pool over the weekend and don't want to get too far off course. It's a small pool so I'm hoping maintenance won't be too challenging. Thanks so much. Karla