New to TFP. 2nd year pool owner of 2nd pool Looking for sturdy steps not hefty price.


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Jun 18, 2016
SW, Iowa
I have these and we really like them a lot. Not sure what you feel is a hefty price, but I think they were a bargain compared to some of the wedding cake type steps. These are strong and go together very quick and easy, I filled the sides with 40# of sand as per the directions. They set in the pool OK but moved around when the kids would get the water moving. Once fastened to the deck they are rock solid. SO much better than a ladder!

I'm 6'+ and 275 and they don't move at all and feel very secure when I climb in or out. Again, they really need to be screwed to the deck. Once that was done I really liked them. My deck is below the pool rails, I had to build a step up and over the rail to allow the stairs to be secured properly. I went back and forth on how I wanted to do it, so I didn't get the steps fastened right away. Having them constantly moving around was very frustrating. My opinion of how well they work changed dramatically after fastening them down.


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Mar 17, 2015
Cedar Falls, Iowa
+1 on Confer
I had a Confer ladder step and converted it to a deck mount for 3 years and just last week switched to a Confer step, more weight limit and a little more comfortable