New pool... stenner pump install


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Oct 7, 2016
...I found it easier to leave it at 100% output and control the run time...

Same here with my home built chlorine pump. Flow 100% and adjust peristaltic run time (which is always well within the pool pump run time). Adjusting in one-minute increments is plenty of resolution and I adjust the time maybe once a month or so. If a dust storm or high bather load occurs, I just pour from a jug to satisfy the extra CL demand and leave the pump setting as is.


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Jul 21, 2014
Sacramento, CA
UPDATE: so after a bit of playing with settings, run time, adjustable flow, and checking my daily FC I think I have it figured out. Turns out that with my current setup I didn't really need the adjustable flow control. I found it easier to leave it at 100% output and control the run time which I can adjust from the remote. So really I overthought the process, and in the end keeping it simpler is far easier. My FC have been dialed in for the last couple days, no movement. Now all I have to do during the week is check pH, with full test suite and refilling my stenner reservoir on weekends and adjust stenner runtime if needed. Really is starting to be a TFP [emoji1303]

Agree; I just got the fixed fow pump because I figured there are a lot more simple options to remote control the time it's on than to control the flow rate. I'm sure there's *some* benefit to evenly injecting the chlorine throughout the pumping day instead of all within an hour or so, but it's probably not huge.

I did find that over the summer I had to test every couple of days and adjust a decent amount, primarily based on whether the solar cover was on, as well as the water temperature (covered 80 degrees used a lot less chlorine than uncovered 90 degrees), so I did find myself chasing it a bit. I do my testing in the kitchen, and the pool is pretty far away, so it's really nice to just adjust the run time from there. I'd like to make a control app that takes the water temp, a toggle where I can set whether the cover is on or not, and the FC test reading, and automatically sets the run time for the next days. When I have a few spare moments...!
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