New pool startup Q's


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May 28, 2007
Okay, today is day #5 of my new pool startup, pebblesheen finish, 18k gallons.

Current #s:

Water temp 63 deg

First 3 days, I had to add quite a bit of acid, maybe about 1.25 pints/day to keep pH down below 7.8
Last 2 days, I've added around 3.5 lbs of CYA, I haven't had to add muriatic acid to keep pH down. I've been brushing pool 2x/day. Pool sweep has been active and sweeping up loose pebbles. Water is crystal clear.

Q: CH seems low, but this is supposed to rise over the next few weeks, right? So I shouldn't go out and add CaCl at this point in time? How long does it take before CH stabilized after new pebble finish?

Q: Should I worry about the TA already being up to 120? I never added any baking soda, it seems to have come up on its own. Should I start aerating now to try and get my TA down, expecting it to go up as the pebble cures?

Q: Is it okay to run the pool sweep? The PB originally programmed it to run, but now I've read that it could damage to finish early on... 5-6 days already, and I don't see any evidence of any pebblesheen damage... in fact, it looks fabulous

Q: PB said to brush pool 2-3X day, but reading materials from the plaster co. it says, brushing should be "limited" for pebble finish. I don't really see any dust coming up when I brush any longer, it kind of went away after the first 2 days. Should I still brush? and if so, how frequently?

Q: I've been planning on waiting 30 days prior to adding salt for the SWG. Is this about right?


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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
Ypu're right, don't worry about CH for about six weeks or so.

TA will probably come down while you battle the pH rise during plaster curing.

It is OK to run the pool sweep at this time.

Brushing 1-2 times a day with pebble is sufficient. Continue for about two weeks, then 1-2 times a week will be good.

I would wait until 30 days after start-up to add salt.

Congratulations on your new pool. You're numbers look good so far!


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Jun 30, 2007
North Florida
FWIW, the calcium level on our PebbleSheen pool did not show any signs of increasing at all during the early days. The fill water had CH of only 70-80, so we definitely needed to get some calcium in there. During those first weeks without the SWCG, we used calcium hypochlorite as our chlorination source to increase our CH and take care of chlorination. By the time the SWCG came online, our CH was a respectable 220-240. Just some food for thought... :)