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Jun 15, 2018
phoenix AZ
Hi everyone
first time pool owner as of march 15, 2018
Live in Tempe, AZ. Will be 112 this weekend and hot until end of October. Pool temp around 85-86

Prior owner used the 3 inch tabs as I saw them laying around when I bought the home
pool 19k gallons, 6 ft deep in middle of pool, 16x 36 pebble Tec

the pool is clear for them most part( I feel like it may be a bit cloudy at bottom but I can't tell) I see no signs of algae; wife and I use it on weekends for about 4-5 hours per day. No one else uses the pool. no dogs, ect. Stuff from palm tree does fall in to pool but I sweep and skim daily

I took water to get tested( yes I know this is bad) and actually the store said water was perfect and didn't recommend anything. I have a test kid that only tests for PD and Chlorine...PH was at 7.6(added half gallon of acid 2 days ago), and Chlorine at 5 PPM. CYA is low, 30-40 bottom of the pool shows sign of cracking where a leak was fixed. I know there is a suction side leak as I have confirmed with a pool repair company, but don't want anyone digging up my cool deck's a very minor leak and does not affect the PSI.
SO....I went ahead and bought a 50 lb bucket of the tabs ( I know it raises my CYA)

I have a variable speed pump(3 HP / 3450 max RPM), and run pump on around 1600 RPM for 12 hours a day, during the day, 7-7PM; sometimes longer on the weekends
Not sure about the filter, but it's a sand filter and appears to be very large

Hayward pool cleaner ( I will update signature just not sure how)

I will order the correct test kit ASAP

So to my I backwash weekly and there is a small suction side leak, is using tabs really that bad? It's just so much easier lol.
I usually add 2-4 gallons of liquid weekly(10 percent, cost is 3 dollars per gallon), and seem to use around 4-6 tabs weekly when it is this hot.
Will pouring in a few gallons of 10 percent clear up the cloudy blue water?

I will upload a picture of the pool today, and equipment tomorrow.

thank you!!!20180620_121158.jpg
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May 3, 2014
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Welcome to the forum! :handshake:

TFPC is about knowing what your pool needs and what you are using to meet those needs.

So yes you can use Trichlor. You simply need to test often and maintain the target level for FC based on your CYA using the [FC/CYA][/FC/CYA].

So if you use Trichlor, your CYA will be a moving target, as will your target FC. So just be aware of that.

If you have a suction side leak it is rare if much water is being lost to it. Be aware that evaporation (why you are adding fill water every day) does not decrease the level of CYA in your water.

Take care.


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Jun 15, 2018
phoenix AZ
What would you recommend to get the slight cloudy haze from my otherwise good, bluish looking water?
good ole liquid chlorine?
CYA is 40 / My chlorine is 5ppm as of this morning

Also, is it safe to backwash to waste to slowly lower the levels?
Would I turn off the skimmer valve?

I have value for vacuum and skimmer

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