new pool owner, what other information is helpful?


Nov 15, 2015
Midland, TX
Hi all! I'm a new pool owner. We moved to our new house over the weekend. We currently have a pool maintenance guy, but would love to take over the work ourselves, so I'm doing the research. I just found all of the pool equipment manuals, which was helpful for identifying what exactly I'm working with. I also just ordered test kits, so those are on the way. :) Looking at my signature, is that all of the information you need? Is there anything else that would be helpful? I plan to start doing my own tests in addition to the work of the pool guy once my test kits arrive, along with reading a bunch on here, with plans to take over when I feel more confident. Anything else I should do in the meantime? Thanks!


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Mar 26, 2014
San Jose, CA
Great decision on getting that test kit. You won't regret it. A couple of pictures of the pool and equipment pad would be nice so we can see what you're working with. That SWG you have will make your life easy once you get the pool tested and the chemicals adjusted to where you want them. You were smart to get rid of the pool guy.

When you get your TF-100, run a full set of tests and post them here like this:


Take a look at all the pool school articles and read as much as you can. There is a wealth of information here. In the meantime, until your test kit arrives, dose your pool with about half a gallon of liquid chlorine daily so your FC doesn't get too low. It's probably a good idea to turn off the SWG until after you run all the tests and make your adjustments.