New Pool Heater Advice


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Jun 9, 2012
I have had it with my Jandy 400LRZNE and it no longer will ignite ( well stay ignited) . I probably spent a good portion of my summer replacing parts and doing multimeter tests to fix one probably and have another pop up weeks later. I'm in New York and the pool is in a wooded area. 400K BTU seems like a must. I'd like something that will last , the jandy died after 4 years, so I'll never go with them again ( not to mention their techs wouldn't give me any help ) . I've seen a few posts here on the subject , but not quite matching my conditions. We run the heater quite a bit so it's not occasional but more like daily use. Any advice ? Should we go cupro nickel ? Thanks !!


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Jul 6, 2011
Raypak. I don't ever recommend cupro nickel as I don't see that there is any real benefit to it. It can still fail if you don't maintain your pools chemistry, just takes longer than copper but it can fail.