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Brian Leetch

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Apr 23, 2017
New City, NY
Hopeful pool owner in NY. Here it is...

18x36 Mountain Lake in Vinyl $26,000

Steel Steps Under Liner $3000

(2) Color Changing Lights @ $1200ea $2400.00

400btu Master Temp Heater $3200.00

Salt Chlorine Generator $1800.00

Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner $1700.00

(2) Trucks @ $800ea. $1600

Did an internet search and found the exact Polaris and heater for a lot less. Can only assume the same for salt generator and lights. Am I required to get these items through the installer? Would he not install items that I provide?

I'm a total rookie how does everything else look to you guys?

Thanks in advance...


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Hey there Brian, welcome to TFP~ Your prices sound high to me, but isn't everything in NY more costly?

As to the equipment-you can buy the SWG and the heater later if you choose. I think the $1800 for the SWG is a bit high for installed, mine down south (cheaper prices) was a few thousand less a few years ago. Installation does provide easier warranty service of course, but if you're the least bit handy you can do it yourself. Just make sure to request that the PB leave space in your equipment pad for later additions of equipment. And that he uses plumbing unions so that you don't have to cut pipes when you do things with the plumbing. Just make sure you pick a SWG that is at least 2x the size of your pool, as that allows for longer lifespan and less stress on the system.

I'd ditch the Polaris cleaner and get a Maytronics made robot from Doheny's or Sunplay. My Doheny's Discovery was $799 and worth every penny! Robots are the way to go...that Polaris price is highway robbery for a pressure side cleaner. The robot will do much better for less cost. Just make sure the PB puts an outlet close enough to the pool equipment.
Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaners : Go Robotic with Maytronics - Maytronics

Wow... pricy lights~ Mine were LED color changing Savi Melody lights at $500 each installed. New York prices??? OUCH!

Read other posts in the forums to get some ideas..... and again, welcome!

Yippee :flower:


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Apr 19, 2013
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Those prices are expensive but within the ball park. What is the brand. You get an extended warranty on most pool equipment through a dealer in a group. Ok the light price is way high.

Get a robot, unless the PB wants to pay your power bills on the Polaris for the next ten years.

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