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Apr 29, 2021
Harper, KS
I just ordered a larger pool this year and have some questions on my build. I'm hoping to avoid some of the issues I had with my last pool. Original pool was a 24' placed on the ground with a gorilla mat underneath it. That pool was up for 3 years. Last year I had some sinking on a few poles and ended up with a mole run on one end under the liner. In addition my ground is very soft you will sink when you walk on it. I was considering a concrete pad as a base to hopefully avoid both issues but with a 33' pool and concrete having to be trucked over 60 miles one way that is not economical. I was considering digging down until I reached solid ground then back filling with gravel. Possibly pouring a concrete slurry over the top to help with rigidity. Anyone else have any other ideas? I'm open to anything I just want to make sure this base is right this time around


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Jun 29, 2016
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You definitely want to dig down to solid ground, then you could use crushed rock, compacted down, to form a firm base.
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