New owner trying to start salt system, getting error...


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Apr 18, 2010
Hi All,
We have an aquacal autopilot salt system (controller and cell) that is part of our new pool.
We hit the 30d mark and the water is perfectly balanced so i figured its time to add the salt and fire the system up.
Added about 600lbs per the calculator and mixed it in perfectly...
Only poblem is my controller is reading an error (has been since day 1 but i didnt pay any attn to it until now)
the error states " purify off, acid off, check OpEC"
looked this up in the manual and states it is a communication error of some sort.
i only have two wires that connect the cell to the 3 prong one for and one smaller cable.
both seem to be connected fine.
anything i am missing here?
i just want this to work!!!


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May 7, 2007
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That error message comes up on the AutoPilot Total Control unit when the cable to the chemistry controller is disconnected. If you don't have a chemistry controller, you need to reconfigure the unit, which is currently setup to expect to see a chemistry controller connected.


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Apr 18, 2010
thanks! I think we are in business....
turned off the acid control option in the intaller menu.
now i am able to set the purifier.
set it to 50%.
i'll keep an eye on the levels the next few days....
thanks again!
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