New Intex Pool - How much maintenance is required


Jul 12, 2010
I just bought a 12' x 36" Intex pool for my daughters. Is daily chemistry need to manage a 1750 gallon pool, or will chlorine tablets suffice from Walmart/Target?



May 26, 2010
IMHO yes you need to test daily but a properly balanced pool (mine) might only need a few ounces of bleach every night and a overnight shock once a week or month depending if there are kids or drunk adults in it. :wink: The niece and nephew were over yesterday guess who had to shock the pool today.

Read it, learn it, follow it and reap the rewards!!! Sparkling pool water that you know is safe for your children. A pool calculator that is amazingly accurate makes it really quite simple. Couple of minutes a day equals peace of mind.


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Jun 1, 2010
The other thing to take into account is to clean the filter often, they are pretty worthless but capture a lot of body oils. A minimum of every three days if swimmer load is light and every day if swimmer load is heavy. You can keep the filter looking like new with 5 minutes worth of attention...but the same goes for your pool...a little attention goes a long way.
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