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Mar 19, 2016
Phoenix, AZ
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We bought a house with a pebble surface pool in 2007 and got totally fed up with maintaining it by 2016. Rather than pay to have it refurbished, we filled it in because we rarely used it and I was tired of worrying about it.

Well, it gets Darn hot here in the PHX area and I wanted a LITTLE hillbilly pool (a.k.a. stock tank). Hubby wanted a hot tub. This was our compromise

We ordered it as a kit, thinking it would take a weekend to put it together 🤣🤣🤣. Between day jobs, tenuous handyman skills and being a bit lazy, we finally took our first dip after 5 weeks!

After we got over the trauma from assembling it, we love it. I would do a few things differently if I had it to do over, but oh well, it's done. It's not perfect but it's still awesome!

Thought I'd share some photos since I haven't seen many of these around here...

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