New BYOP Build in Queen Creek, (Phoenix - AZ)


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Dec 17, 2022
Phoneix, Arizona
I am doing a new pool build in Queen Creek (Southeast Phoenix), Its a 16 x 32 roman style, 6 ft deep in the middle, with a baja step - no spa. I used BYOP .net based in Mesa, worked with Roy for design and John for equipment. Made a few changes along the design path with no extra charges. They are not cheap, but do a great job, are responsive and the design went through City permitting first time, no issues.

The challenge has been getting responses from Subs. I would send emails and never get responses. It ended up being better to call them, but then maybe a 40% response rate. Once I found a Sub I felt was qualified (I have done hands-on commercial electrical and plumbing work as part of my career for 30 years) getting his recommendation for the other trades provided the best results. The subs all know each other and work jobs together.

So far I have the following scheduled:
Layout 12/27
Excavation 12/28
Plumbing 1/4
Rebar Tentative 1/6
Electrical TBD -
Shotcrete - TBD

The challenge as others have said is Shotcrete. Prices are about the same ($13K - $310/Yd) but none of the contractors will provide even a tentative date util after inspection. I know the phoenix area has a concrete shortage due to all the commercial construction, but it makes it tough to schedule.

Does anyone on the Forum have recent experience with a Shotcrete company you could recommend?

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Jul 10, 2018
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Hi Bob, welcome to TFP! I had a friend do an owner build using BYOP but here in Las Vegas. He had a good experience with the process. Unfortunately, I can’t help with your sub search but good luck.


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Jul 19, 2021
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Most common reason for the Shotcrete companies not to schedule until passing first inspection is to keep their own schedule on track, all it takes is one job to cancel on them and they have a crew of 10 with no work for the day.
Unfamiliar with BYOB and amount of information they inject during the process but I strongly suggest to customers to be on site during excavation and Shotcrete due to last minute decisions that will come up.
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