1. J

    New Build - South Florida

    Hi All, Getting close to signing with a PB for our new pool. We are first time pool owners/builders. It's an in-ground SWG pool, 27.5 x 14.5. See attached design. Equipment/Specs: Pentair Superflo 2 Speed Pump Clean and Clear 200 Filter Pentair Automation - asking for Intellitouch, currently...
  2. W

    Single Pump or Multiple Pumps

    Guys, I am requesting thoughts on using one variable speed pump (Pentair - IntelliFlo VSF 011056) for the following pool/spa combo build; * Pool - 25k - 30k gallons * Spa - 8-10 jets w/ spillover * Waterfall (90gpm) * (2) Bubblers * (3) Laminars Would a single VSP be a great option for this...
  3. Cfyfe3199

    Large Deck Extension wrapped around AGP. PICS!

    Hey all, Around the end of March we began a large deck extension project. I live in Rockland County NY, and it's not called Rockland for no reason. Our property is jagged, wet, sloped, and it took 2 months to hammer out the foundation for the house. Lots and lots of rock. So, since I don't have...