New Build - Rockwall, TX

Rich D

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Aug 3, 2018
Ahh. You are a lighting guy... That is exactly what I think is needed. The pics I sent were a solar light with a remote solar panel I put behind the falls. The good thing was they were always on at night without having to switch anything. They lasted almost the entire night on a sunny day, on a cloudy day they were good for 2-4 hrs. The light looks great when pointed directly at the back of the falls however it becomes a issue when you turn off the water. No matter how I positioned it it would either shine directly at the house or into the pool which you could then see a perfect light bulb in the reflection on the surface of the pool. So you would really need the light to turn off the light if the falls were off. If I hide the light in the rocks the rocks do not reflect enough light for a good affect.

Perhaps if the light you picked out were on the bench shinning more up than out it would produce enough light. I am concerned when they say controlled by remote. Some of the lights I tried had a remote but it had to be a direct line of site with a 30' range. Not ideal for this situation.

When things were frozen this winter I did put a high voltage blue light in there on a extension cord and loved that so a blue light would be really cool. Personally I do not think would use the color changing option. I would just stick with white or blue.


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Sep 15, 2015
Just thought I would update with a couple of final pictures after landscaping, furniture, green trees, etc...
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man im driving from mesquite to come to your…..very nice set will love it...the wife and I live in our backyard all year long...Ppl said you will get tired of your pool, and you will want to fill it back!!!!!!!!!!!! we look forward to swim season.....Then turn around to hot tub season....