New Build in OKC


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May 26, 2020
Oklahoma City
Hello everyone!!

I just found this forum the other day and decided to sign up. I also wanted to share some info about the pool that we're building in OKC
We decided to pull the trigger earlier this year to build our dream pool.
It's basically a 100' perimeter free form pool that has a sun ledge with bubblers and umbrella sleeve. The depth ranges from 3'6" to about 8'
In addition, we have a 40' raised wall with 3 rainfall water curtains.

We've also been documenting every step in the process on our YouTube channel, and would love it if you check out our videos and let us know what you think.

Link deleted...

We're close to completion. Deck/pad was poured recently and just lack plaster and few loose ends tied up then we can fill her up. Plus we have a few features that we're saving for the grand finale.
Hope you enjoy it and look forward to learning more about pool life in this forum!
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