new pool build

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    New Build in OKC

    Hello everyone!! I just found this forum the other day and decided to sign up. I also wanted to share some info about the pool that we're building in OKC We decided to pull the trigger earlier this year to build our dream pool. It's basically a 100' perimeter free form pool that has a sun ledge...
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    New Pool Plan - Tampa, Florida

    Hey All, My first post here. Never owned a pool and just discovered TFP as I was researching on various things related to pool. I always used to think that pools are money pits (still hold that opinion sort of) and elitist and require lot of care and maintenance (translating to time and effort)...
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    New build about to start

    All, Starting a new pool and spa build. Adding info about the pool. Also in the last photo.
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    Blank Canvas in Manteca, CA need help Please :)

    Hello everyone, It's been a looooong while since I've been on. This site helped us so much with our last pool and getting our SWG and balancing chem etc... So thank you all very much for all that past help and any future help you can assist us with. Sooooo here's the deal......we sold our...