New Build in New York underway - Started in Dec 2020


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May 22, 2020
Long Island, NY
For those who pay separately for electrical on a new build, what is the approximate amount you have been charged recently on a new build?
Not sure how much that varies by geographical location.


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Jun 16, 2019
My build came with an electrical allowance that a subbed out electrician handled through the PB. Of course the next year I befriended several local electricians but that’s the way it goes. The allowance had set parameters like trenching from the main breakers no more than 50 ft. If i wanted the equipment somewhere else I would have had to pay the difference.

We had to upgrade the house to 200A to accommodate the pool/heater and that was on us to find our own electrician beforehand. I believe we payed $1500 for the upgrade.

One thing I can definitely recommend is to have whatever work you are responsible for done ASAP. My electrician swore he would upgrade the house service within a 2 week window before the build, but was too busy and took 2 months to complete the work.

Lucky for us he was terrible at running a business and we hadn’t payed him anything yet for the work he did do so he had to jump to run temporary power to the pump once it was installed. Without the payment leverage we would have been powerless to watch the pool turn green as it sat with no power.


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Oct 25, 2020
Nassau, Long Island NY
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My PB only cover up to 60ft with them handling electrical inspection. I was like $700 out pocket for the electrical.
I loved the way they everything.
By away read contract any sprinklers pipes or heads. They're not responsible for it but they do mark all the breakage in the pipes. I fixed them myself.


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May 22, 2020
Long Island, NY
$700 seems insanely inexpensive.

In regard to the sprinklers, quotes say they are not responsible for any damage to underground sprinklers or plumbing.
They better not damage anything the PB just put in!
But for sprinklers, most of our hoses were damaged during the dig. Tree and bush removal with grinding of stumps got a few others. We are going to need to replace all of the sprinkler hoses prior to putting in the pavers.
It will be a mess of plumbing, as we put in a new system to replace what came with the house, but those old hoses were all still in the ground. There will be 3 sets of the sprinkler hoses in the ground once we are done (but only one set will be hooked up).

We upgraded to 200 Amps when we were moved into the house. A few years ago we had to re-replace the box when an electrician doing some work pointed out the poor quality of work previous electricians did, and other things not up to code. He may have improved it, but still didnt do a perfect job.
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