New AutoPilot SWG Install


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I will be installing my new AutoPilot soon. I was planning on how\where I am going to install the manifold. My system currently has a tablet chlorine inline feeder. With the possible future need of needing the tablets/pucks to add CYA, I've decided it would be a good idea to leave the chlorine feeder as part of the system. So now for my question. Is the better to have the chlorine feeder before or after the AutoPilot in the piping? Or does it matter? Or is one way maybe slightly better, or not. In my system, I'm thinking it would be easier to mount the chlorine feeder before the AutoPilot, but either way is possible. So chlorine feeder first, Autopilot first. What do you think?

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Trichlor is not the best way to add CYA to the water when needed. It is actually more expensive then just adding CYA directly. . I notice you have a sand filter so you will need to be adding CYA and salt on a regular basis to maintain what is lost by backwashing.


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Also, can the AutoPilot "controller" be mounted to where it is exposed to the weather? Are there any special Summer/Winter climate considerations? Should it be removed during the winter? Should it be mounted in some type of weather resistant box??


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Jul 24, 2007
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i couldn't find the IP rating of it, so cannot comment how water proof it is, but i would at least cover it from direct sun light.
Generally it's a good idea to have a cover for all your equipment, to shield it from weather.


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Apr 15, 2007
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Mister Mister,

The AutoPilot control box is approved for indoor or outdoor locations and does not need to be protected from the weather. As Strannik mentioned, it's a good idea to shelter it from the weather, but again, it is not necessary. It would normally be mounted to a wall. If you are mounting it to a post, there are some vent holes in the back that would need to be sheltered, and I would therefore recommend mounting it to a board, then to the post.

Regarding the position of the manifold, AutoPilot first, then tri-chlor feeder because of the corrosive nature of trichlor (low pH and high chlorine). This can cause corrosion to the tri-sensor assembly. It will not harm the cell though.
I should say though, that you really don't need to keep the tri-chlor feeder. Just get rid of it.

Thanks for selecting AutoPilot.

Cya is available in granular form. It should be added right after backwashing your filter. It takes time for the cya to fully dissolve, so do not backwash your filter for at least one week after adding the cya.
Also, there are some suggestions as to how to efficiently add the cya. Using an old panty hose without holes, fill it with cya and position it in front of your return jet.