Neighborhood association swimming pool help

May 15, 2008
Walls stained

Hi: I found this site and hope you guys can help. I take care of a 25 x 50 neighborhood association. swimming pool. this is my 4th year. When we removed the cover it was apparent that it had just leaked all winter. Water was a complete mess. I fill the pool to the top and began vacuuming sending the dirty water through the pump and out onto the ground rather than recirculating it.

After the pool was cleaned and clear I found the walls stained about the tint of the green goo that comes off the cover from the leaves and dirt. Brushing does not budge it.

The pool is a gunite / concrete inground. The stain starts at the water line and down to the floor of the shallow end (3') then stays at that depth throughout the rest of the pools circumference.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for helping. I'm in a panic because the busy bodies who don't even frequent the place are having a field day with me.


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You might want to start by reading my cleaning up your green pool article. There is also lots of good information in the Stickies section of this web site.

Do you have a full set of test numbers? That will help us figure out what is going on.

Another thing, try gently rubbing some of the green stains with a trichlor tablet for 30 seconds and see if anything happens.
COOL, my private pool is a big as a community pool. im so warm and fuzzy inside now.

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