Need some ideas for shade for pool patio..


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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
Here's our pavillion and Coolaroo shades. There is a second shade just to the left of the one that is deployed in the picture. If you look around in the thread, there are other pics giving the overview of the space. Our pool is also separate from the house. Our goal was a solid shade structure with little to no shade on the pool. We like the free heat from the sun for our MD water. We also have three umbrellas separate from this area that provide small areas of shade.

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Oct 17, 2017
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Here's pics
Ignore the cloudy pool or see my other post. Lol
Would like to have more sitting but no one wants to sit in the sun.
I've added pergola at my house and some friends of ours. Pretty simple little structure, you can get pre made kits too if you want depending on material choice. On mine I sourced "collaroo" shade fabric (lets water through so pretty safe to leave open position) and went to a sign shop to add webbing and grommets then strung it with aircraft able so it's "retractable". The triangle one we left without a cover as the angles created the desired shade. Also on mine I have a roller blind with same type of fabric from "nesling". Works for us but tons of options out there, whatever works for you. Ill post a pic of ours shortly with the shade cover.