Need new pump, 2 Speed, Variable speed, or stick with single - recommendations please!


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Jun 11, 2009
Exton, PA
My Pentair Dynamo 1.5HP 115V is leaking from the housing body. It's 10-11 years, so no sense replacing the housing. I run my pump 24/7, trust me it has to be. Also, I do like the stronger water flow, because I think it helps keep the wedding cake steps clean underneath, by moving water through the various holes I've drilled. Funny, when we installed the heater a couple years ago, the larger return line made a big difference in water flow, which was nice.

Anyway, I have 115V, twist lock outlet and am looking for a fairly easy swap. I have enough projects right now. My pool is relatively small and simply to operate, so I don't think any smart function would be an advantage, unless you think I'll be changing speeds more than once a day. If I matters, I believe 16GPM would turn my pool every 8 hours, but I'm not obsessed with turnover. I just know if the flow stops, I get pollen and other debris and it's not worth having to deal with that. Having never had a variable, I'm not sure when/why I would change speeds. So feel free to educate on that as well. I run my house HVAC with my phone and that's very handy.

Looking for specific model recommendations if anyone has them. Or, do I just replace the Dynamo with another single speed Dynamo?



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Jul 21, 2013
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My vote is replace the pump with the same and enjoy your summer.


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Jul 16, 2019
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Thought VS was the way to go. Not the case when the internal timer has no user replaceable battery to hold time when the power goes out. Instead, Pentair relies on an internal capacitor that can not be replaced. My clock resets every time power goes out and kills the salt cell since the time isn't synced. 1k pump useless after just 4 yrs.
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Jun 11, 2009
Exton, PA
Not sure what I got, but I hooked it up and we’re good to go!

I couldn’t find the Dynamo with the twist plug. I’m ok with swapping the cords, but even that Dynamo was $245 and 5 days to get here. I coulda muddled through, but I kept looking.

I did find the twisted plug version, but it was over $300. $60 for a different plug? Maybe, but that one takes 3-4 weeks. Did I mentioned it will be 104 this weekend? That’s not gonna work.

I called INYO. Honestly, that girl wasn’t much help. Surprising given the good reviews everyone gives them. But, everyone has a bad day.

I drove 3 minutes to Eagle Pool. I darn near fell over when she said she had a two Dynamo pumps

Single speed

One had regular plug or no plug, she want sure.

He other had the twist plug.

Both $309. Guess which one I bought???

Model 340063. Can’t find it anywhere on Pentair’s site. In fact, when I called Pentair earlier to find dealers, we came up with two models that would work for me and those one wasn’t on our list.
The label on the pump is dated 6/2019, so my only guess is that Eagle, and perhaps other stores, have a “house” model made for them?
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