Need help deciding on new pool cleaner...

Jul 14, 2015
Monroe, NC
Hey guys,

Looking for some advice on a new robotic pool cleaner. I have a 16'x32' vinyl rectangular pool and looking to replace my Dolphin DX4 (been having issues with it). I wanted to get advice on what the best options are available today. My pool does get a lot of leaves in it especially in the spring\fall as I don't cover\close my pool during the winter months along with grass and an occasional rock here and there.. My old Dolphin uses bags and would get up a lot of the leaves although I would try to rake them out myself too. The cleaner just doesn't cover the shallow end near the steps very well and looking for something with a possible remote or bluetooth capabiltiy to help with the occasional tracking. I've been looking at the Dolphin M400 or the Dolphin S300i because of the basket. What are your suggestions? I'm open to other manufacturers as well.



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May 11, 2016
Troy IL
I just ordered that Saturn myself, but it doesn't have bluetooth control like the original poster wanted. I think you have to go with a more expensive model for that. Anxious to try my Saturn though. Doheny screwed up and sent me a caddy instead of the actual robot in the first shipment so I'm hoping to get what I actually ordered Saturday now. The worms in the bottom of my pool are waiting for it.


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May 12, 2014
Central PA
Just got an S300 . It does have more limited Bluetooth capabilities , compared to the S300i .
The S300 does have the remote control feature with the blue tooth plus some other limited features .
The S300i has a full range of timer options and controls for the blue tooth , but they both have the remote control feature .
Same as the Active 30 / 30i differences .

All of them use tp loading easy to use/clean baskets with dual filtration option . Coarse and fine filters (or can use both at the same time)