Need help choosing a pad for bottom of AGP

jennifer Wright

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Sep 1, 2020
Greenfield, IN
Can someone give me more information about a foam padding for the bottom of the AGP? My pool is scheduled to be installed in the near future and I'm researching what I want to have. I would like a softer bottom than the hard ground/sand. Any other tips would be appreciated. I'm looking at also using wall foam between the liner and walls and the foam cove. I won't swim in water less than 86 degrees and have purchased a gas heater as well. I live in Indiana but want to use this pool as long as possible and need all the help I can get pre-installation. It will be 30'x52". Permasalt system filter. Thanks!


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Dec 31, 2012
Santa Barbara, CA
I used 1/2" EVA foam which was totally fine. If your ground is smooth at the ~1cm scale (no little bumps or recesses) that will be more than sufficient and gives a nice feel underfoot. If you have a little more variation of the ground surface, a 3/4" will hide it better.
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