Natural Gas hose????


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Jan 27, 2010
I just obtained a fairly new natural gas grill. I had a natural gas line installed about 5 years ago when my pool was built, but still haven't used it. The gas line was run directly from my meter at the side of my house. Eventually I'm going to build an island, but for now I just want to use the grill.
I called a few local hardware stores and they could not tell me how to connect it. they said I needed a tank??? any idea what they are talking about?

The pipe coming from the ground is much larger that the one coming from the grill. I am not sure how to measure it to see what size hose I need.
I assume All I need is a hose? do I need a regulator?
Can you please enlighten me, so I can purchase the correct hose. Also is there a reason for the quick disconnects? don't you leave it connected all the time?

Thanks for your input.[attachment=0:e494ioqx]0801001402.jpg[/attachment:e494ioqx]



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Jul 13, 2010
SE Alberta, Canada
Natural gas BBQs usually come with the appropriate hose and quick coupling you need to connect to the line. If your's is used, you can likely use a quick google search to find the manufacturer's part number of a replacement. Generally though, any good BBQ store should be able to 'hook you up'. A regulator isn't needed, but most places require a valve on the line (I see you already have that) and a quick disconnect at the supply end.


That looks like a well run line (tracer wire is there, shut off already on). You should be able to pick up a bell reducer at any hardware store (HD, Lowes, etc.) and flex line to finish the connection. Then all you need is an adult beverage and some dead animal to make for a nice evening :goodjob:


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Sep 11, 2008
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The natural gas grills that I've seen use a 1/2 inch line. So you'd need to reduce to a 1/2 line and get a 1/2 inch disconnect/adapter and hose. I believe if the grill required a regulator, it would come with it, and would be right where your disconnect hose would connect to. I think the manufacturer wouldn't want you to use any regulator because of liabilities.

The guy who mentioned the tank must be thinking about propane instead.