Mottling in New Pool


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Aug 3, 2021
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Hello all, our gunite pool with "medium gray" plaster was finished in late May/Early June, and while its usually less noticeable when the pool filter is running, there is a lot of discoloration to the plaster (see pics) The start up procedures were all run by the pool builder, who also has the maintenance contract for the pool, so I'm naively assuming they did/are doing all the necessary startup/maintenance whether brushing, balancing chemicals etc. I personally think the discoloration has gotten worse (my spouse disagrees) over the last two months, and I initially assumed that since its done by hand, that there would be some variation, but is this too much? In teh pic of the full pool the tree in the back is casting a shadow over most of the pool, but you can still see the general variation in color. Is something wrong? is this something that can be remedied by say more brushing or chemical rebalancing? Is this likely to get better or worse with time? Many thanks in advance for your help!


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Yeah, that is pretty ugly. No changes in your water chemistry or brushing will fix it.

Your pool builder may offer to do an acid wash on it. That removes the top layer of plaster and may get rid of some motteling. It will also reduce the life of your plaster a bit.

Realize it is cosmetic and the function of your plaster is fine.


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Aug 3, 2021
New York
Thanks for your response! Was this a mistake by the pool builder/plasterer? Is this usually something people can hold the pool builder accountable for and have it rectified (I assume that means draining/replastering, I would rather not try the acid wash)? is it likely to get worse over time ? I guess if the plaster is functionally fine and with the filter/jets on it’s not as noticeable, I should just suck it up, but it’s annoying that it’s a brand new pool!
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