Money pit is poop brown


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Jul 7, 2019
Elkhart Indiana
So yesterday I did the acerbic acid treatment at it in the poly quiet 60 and added sequestrant today I have zero chlorine which we already knew my pH is 6.8 my total alkalinity is 120 and my CY a is 20. I was going to start adding chlorine in but I noticed that my pool could use an additional acerbic acid treatment to continue to get the staining off the bottom of the pool it’s got a white cast over the entire bottom where is my liner is Blue on the bottom my floor is white. Should I do that tomorrow and then start to add chlorine, or should I do something with my pH and chlorine and not worry about it not sure where how to pro


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Mar 27, 2019
The white on your blue liner should be calcium scale which is a whole other issue and even harder to remove from vinyl. How long has it been since your pool has been properly chlorinated? I would start worrying about algae if it has been several days. You will likely need a few attempts of AA to get rid of most of the metals and stains. I will let others chime in their thoughts but you may want to chlorinate now and if any stains come back, wait until April to eradicate the stains when the water is cold and algae can't grow.

Also, keep your PH down around 7.0 to 7.2 to help keep the stain from precipitating again. Low FC for the next few weeks will help too but still enough to prevent algae.
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