Mastic around Spa


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Aug 27, 2019
Allen, TX

Im a new home owner with a pool and still figuring out all the various components we have.

While I do that, one thing I spotted a few days back was the mastic around the spa needs to be replaced. After reading several posts here I know that I require a grout removal tool, all purpose sand, sifaflex Self-Leveling Concrete Sealant and a closed cell backer rod.

Once I remove the old mastic, I see sand below it- do I need to remove and clean that our before I put in the new backer rod or should it go on top of the sand?

Appreciate any help!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Clean the expansion joint down to the bottom of the coping. The objective is that there is flexible material with the backer rod or mastic pressing against the coping.