Marcite Pool- with white brush marks on entire surface


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Jun 10, 2020
We had a pool installed and construction was completed Mid-April and a few weeks after water was added we started to notice what we call "brush marks" all over the walls and pool floor. We were told to brush the pool once daily and use the net to get all of the debris out of the pool and our installer would maintain the chemicals until it was turned over to us.

We had the plaster company come out and they are saying they can drain the pool and polish the surface to get the scratches out and believe it is was a chemical issue, but has anyone seen this before? Is this a mixture issue or a chemical/water chemistry issue?

Will it affect the life of the plaster by having it polished? Any recommendations for how we should proceed? Any opinions and help would be greatly appreciated. Please help! Thank you!



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Jul 21, 2013
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They can smooth the plaster with diamond sanding pads. It will not reduce the life of the plaster. That type of polishing is regularly done with some finishes.

This is an installation issue, not a water chemistry issue.

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