Making the Leap - CircuPool Edge 40 or Pentair IC-40


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Jun 22, 2011
Knoxville, TN
If I can hijack this thread temporarily, I am also looking to switch from liquid to a salt chlorine generator. I have a 34k or so pool so I’m looking at the 55-60 series. My vague impression was Pentair tends to be more expensive and the CircuPool models are typically cheaper, but the top end RJ and core lines from CircuPool are 1500 at discount salt pool, while the Pentair IC60 ranges from 1150-1250 online. The SJ model is closer to 1000, but seems to be a more basic unit. Are the other CircuPool generators a step up in quality from Pentair, or are the discounts just throwing prices out of the norm for things here?

I have an intelliflo pump so I thought I would get a Pentair generator in case I ever get automation, but I’m intrigued by this free upgrade discount salt pool is running where I could get the large CircuPool generator for the step down price.

I made my choice on that comparison chart at discount salt pools. The Circupools unit had better reviews, made more chlorine/day, had a better warranty, and the salt cell was cheaper to replace than the IC40. And I liked how people here talked about their customer service being fast and friendly (and I did email them about vertical installation and they got back to me super quick). Price was a factor but honestly - we would have spent the same either way (we would have saved money if we had done the electrical ourselves, but we didn't so it was a wash).

That said - there are plenty of pool owners here that own the pentair systems and like them.