Main Drain Cover Question 2017


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Mar 21, 2017
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So, did you figure out how to remove your grate? We have this same drain cover, which also appears to NOt have any SCREWS, however we have a clog in our drain pipe. So we HAVE to remove ours to clear the clog...any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks, Clogged Guy;)

I have a question on my main drain covers. I have two main drains that sit in the center on the floor of the pool that also happens to be the deepest part of the pool. I was thinking of replacing the covers to ones that are the anti-entrapment compliant cover. The main drain covers I have now are the Sta-Rite p/n 07017 with the grate cover. I assume these are anti-entrapment covers correct? Also from the attached parts schematic. They show two screws that mounts this cover in. However, there are no screws installed in my drain covers. The holes are empty but the covers are in pretty tight. Is it possible they are glued in or do these covers screw in as well? The covers I have look like the example on the left with the grates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Can you post a pic of the cover?

Why do you thing your main drain is clogged? It is pretty unusual for that to happen?

Is your main drain plumbed directly to the equipment pad, or is it plumbed into the bottom of the skimmer?


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