M600 weight


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Aug 22, 2017
West Palm Beach/Florida
I was thinking of upgrading my M500 to an M600 primarily for 2 reasons. I like the idea of cleaning a single basket instead of two (yes I am that lazy). Also was hoping the weight of the unit would be lighter. The M500 is 23lbs and a little heavy for the better half to pull out of the pool. The S200/300 series weigh in at 16lbs which I would think would be much easier. But on a quick check it seems like the M600 weighs 25lbs which puts it in as heavier than the M500.

Seems weird that the the frame of the 600 is similar to the 200/300 series but the weight is that much different.

Can any of you M600 owners confirm the weight, and how easy it is to pull out of the pool?