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Mar 5, 2017
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My filter gauge has been showing 5psi for a couple of weeks. Normally it is 10psi when everything is operating properly. A couple of weeks ago my son threw some small sea shells in the pool which were vacuumed up. I did not realize that the pool pump basket was cracked so some small shells ended up lodged in the pump impeller. I took the pump apart and cleared all the debris, however when I put everything back together the pressure has stayed at 5psi. I can definitely feel less flow at the returns in the pool. It does not change if I position the valve to draw from skimmer, main drain, or both. Could the shells have damaged the pump motor to the point it needs to be replaced. I replaced the pump motor 5-6 years ago. Is there anything else I should check before I replace the pump motor?

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If you are certain you got everything out of the impeller, the shells could be stuck in the suction pipe some where. You might try flushing the line backwards from the pump using a hose wrapped in a wet rag to seal it and see if you can loosen it up.

Exactly how were you vacuuming? Via a line to the skimmer or a separate vacuum port? You will want to isolate that line so that all the water goes from the pump through the line.
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