lost of very fine debris... please help


Jul 5, 2017
A few days ago I created a thread because my pool was a horrible mess. I followed the awesome advice given there, and the pool has improved massively. However I still have a question that I'd like to ask.

My pool was unattended for 3-4 months, and despite having a pool cover, a fair amount of leaves ended up at the bottom of the pool and they decomposed leaving a layer of very fine particles at the bottom of the pool.

I added Muriatic acid to bring the Ph to 7.2, and Cyanuric acid using the sock method to bring the CYA level to 30.

I am currently SLAMing the pool, and yesterday I noticed that the pressure on my cartridge filter was high, So I cleaned it, and within a few hours it was high again (the pressure went from 12 to 30 psi) So I cleaned it again. Today I have cleaned it twice. I was thinking that may be there is something else I can do to avoid the filter issue (I won't be able to clean it as often during the week obviously), would you guys recommend a clarifier or a flocculant so that those particles can be dealt with faster? your help as always is very much appreciated.