Looking for tips to remove stuck Paramount popup cleaning heads.


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Jun 5, 2014
My pool has the large style Paramount pop ups. I have one that I need to repair/replace but it's stuck due to sand and grit. I have the removal tool and I know they turn clockwise for removal. I had the pool drained this spring and was lazy and didn't work to free all of them up...now I'm kicking myself.

Any tips on how to get them out are appreciated.

I have tried two different nozzle configs connected to my garden hose to try and blow out the sand/grit, but so far, no go. I did get some sand to wash out, but still tight as a drum. I'm considering getting the metal tool so I can apply more torque. I am nervous about using a pressure washer as I've blown out the pebbletec surface on one occasion. My nozzles aren't very powerful, so maybe someone knows of a way to get an "intermediate" amount of pressure that won't damage the pebbletec?


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Jun 1, 2016
Gilbert, AZ
BassTrix, I currently have my first ever (in 27 years) popup stuck due to a similar situation (I believe grit and/or pebbles wedged tightly on one side). Mine are AA Maufacturing popups so aren’t the same as yours. Mine turn counterclockwise to take out. Your pressure washer idea is one I might try if this plan doesn’t work:

I’m gonna make a tool using a lever (approx 12” board?) that has two pins in it that will fit perfectly into the removal holes of my popup. That should give me the leverage I need to work it out (by diving down to use it)...at least I hope that is the case. Usually, in the summer, I just take down two screwdrivers that I insert in those holes to put-in or take-out a popup.

In my case, I believe this head is either bad or is impacted by the grit, so an alternative is to dismantle the popup carefully using a screwdriver, hammer, hacksaw combination. But I doubt if they will honor my replacement warranty if I bring in one destroyed like that, haha. If you figure anything else out let me know. I might be trying my “removal lever” idea this next weekend.
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