Looking for information on Pentair Intelliflo VFD


Oct 13, 2017
Henderson, Nevada
I'm looking to control my Pentair VFD from a PLC. Does anyone know who the manufacture of the Intelliflo VFD is ? Or better yet, does anyone know the 485 communications commands the Intellitouch uses to control the pump?


Bronze Supporter
Mar 30, 2015
Chico, CA
Hey Terry,
The vfd board on the vf, vsf and 3050 anyway are made by Danfoss - others are probably the same but they likely have different firmware depending on the features. I posted some photos of the controller in this thread:

As fars as the rs485 protocol, there are a few diy projects on TFP and many more on the internet that do this, but for starters you could check here (it's only available in the wayback machine):

Good luck!