Lighting how many and which ones?


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I will be installing this pool in the spring 20x40. How may lights should I have, and would you do the nicheless or ones that require a niche?

I'm torn on doing two of the big colorlogics on the top side of the picture below or 1 big colorlogic at the deep end and 2 of the nichless 320 colorlogic near the steps, but I don't know if that will be enough lights.

What's your thoughts?

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Jul 10, 2012
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Is this a liner pool?

I would have a light on the shelf for sure and would go for two more in the main body of the pool. BUT looking at it real close it looks like they already have the light marked out. Make sure you can add more holes for light without messing up the warranty.


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This is a liner pool that is my layout design but that is not my blue print. They gave me a layout to give me an idea. I can drill holes without voiding the warranty.

The shelf area is only going to be 6" deep.

I was thinking where the yellow marks are for the 2 large colorlogic, but I'm concerned the step area is going to be dark