Oct 12, 2007
I have a new pool, filled with water 3 weeks ago. Pool absolutely perfect except am concern by the water level which seems to be dropping. Guess there is a small leak in the underground pipes but the problem is that all is backfilled and patio laid. Does anyone know of a product that can be put into the pipe work via the skimmers for example to seal small leaks like this. I have been told that it will seal itself over a period of a few months with buildup of calcaire etc but would really like to sort this out before it is closed up for the winter.


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May 7, 2007
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Some drop in water level is to be expected. Water will evaporate and get splashed out of the pool unless it is covered at all times. To check to see if you really have a leak you can put a bucket of water in the pool and see if the water goes down in the pool more quickly than in the bucket.