Leak at Heater Outlet


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Aug 20, 2017
Southeast PA
So I installed my new Circupool RJ+ 60 today, went pretty well. Got the plumbing all done, electrical I'll do tomorrow.

No leaks from my new SWG connections! Success!

Uh oh, my heater is leaking. So I was making cuts in the pipe on the outlet of the heater, and I'm guessing I moved it too much making my cuts and either loosened or broke something, and now I have a small leak from the heater outlet. I'm not familiar with the way this is put together, does anyone have any ideas? The manual says there should be some CPVC there, but I don't see any.

It's a Raypak gas heater, about 20 years old. I'm not 100% on the exact model.

Here's a couple pictures of the leak. My first thought is to take the SWG out for a minute so I can spin that outlet pipe off, and then see if I can clean it all up, put new pieces in, and put it back together, but I don't want to make it worse and I'm not sure all parts will be available at the local hardware store.




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Apr 5, 2015
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You are correct, if you can remove the PVC adapter you should replace with a 2"CPVC male adapter or a CPVC threaded nipple. You might have to get these fittings at a plumbing supply house or onlinehttp://pvcpipesupplies.com/2-male-adapter-9836-020.html
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