Last chance to tell me I'm insane - 5000 gal inground SWG


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Jul 23, 2010
Ok, finalizing my pool options this weekend, probably going to start the installation late next week.

I'm in Portland, Oregon, and I'm putting in a swim spa type fiberglass pool 9x18x5 (around 4700 gallons) along with an inground hot tub of around 500 gallons. The pool will be used year-round with a Fastlane swim current generator. I'm designing and putting in a custom pool cover that will allow me to entertain and walk over the pool surface when closed (some benefits of a small pool)

Here is the equipment I'm thinking of:
Pentair Suite
Easy Touch controller
Pump (not sure of model) Dual system
Intellchlor SWG
Color changing LED lighting
small water sheer from 18" raised hot tub
200 BTU natural gas pool heater
Possibly an auto PH balancer (Smart PH?)
Preplumbing for adding in solar at a later date..

Am I totally crazy for putting this many features into what is around a total of 6000 gallons of water? I swim for my primary exercise and the nature of house will open it up to entertaining. Pool will be kept closed with the autocover when not being used. The cover will work closely similar to this: (Fast forward to 2:44) My cover will instead slide horizontally under a wood deck and be fully rigid.

I would like any and all advice people may want to give.... Let me have it!! and thanks.



Only 2 suggestions from me:

Go for the 400K heater, as it does not cost much more than the 200K and it will heat, and maintain, quicker and easier. The gas you use is the gas you use, but you will appreciate the faster heat up time and easier temperature maintenance with the 400K

Save your money on the solar plumb. You will pay the PB to install this, and then the solar contractor will cut all that stuff out when he does his work and charge you for his stuff. Solar guys don't like to use (or warrant) someone else's plumbing! Any solar contractor will be able to cut in a couple of valves and hook up from your equipment.

Good luck!
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