ktdave's pool build


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Jun 18, 2007
Spring, Texas
Dave...has your water cleared up with adding the DE?

How long to you plan to wait to start you SWCG? Jason told my boss to wait a week to start it...he has PebbleSheen. I told him he should wait about 4 weeks, but he said they just told him a week. Even the Pentair manual says 4 weeks. WOnder why PB is telling him otherwise?????


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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
Yes, the water has cleared up miraculously after adding the DE. I definitely recommend it.

The start-up guys told me to wait two weeks to add salt. While they are telling me this I'm remembering what I've read in my manuals and here and I'm thinking "it's going to be 4 weeks before salt goes inot THIS pool". I mean what's 2 more weeks when my interior surface could be conpromised. I've got my water balanced the way I want it and that's not a lot of time. I really can't wait to feel the salt water in the pool but I will.

Here are some final pics after we are officially done (with pool build, still got a lot of landscaping to do).