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Apr 29, 2018
:confused:...16x48 summerwaves elite AG pool...frame is up..water is in it..what's my next step..instructions are very limited on what to do next...do i shock it? ..just add tablets to filter and go?...kinda frustrating..ph is showing 7.5ish..nothin on chlorine range as excepted..pool has 5246 gallons in it...if i am to shock it how much bleach do i use?..its getting confusing...thanks to everyone involved for the welcome to the forum..thanks again..


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Apr 17, 2010
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Put in a half gallon of bleach, got to Walmart and buy some CYA stabilizer/conditioner. Buy one of our recommended test kits in Pool School. READ Pool School to understand the basics. There is also a PoolMath button on the header of every page to tell you how much to add of what. Edit your profile and add a signature line listing all you pool specifics like mine below. Play with it and welcome.